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Your user name and password (authentication information) are managed by the authentication service provider is the public's one account for government services. You can use to sign in to WaterAlert and many other services provided by the United States Government -- learn more.

A USGS Water Data For the Nation account allows you to personalize how you use USGS water data. Currently, your account will allow you to customize the features of the USGS WaterAlert application. In the future, the USGS plans to add additional applications to enhance and modernize how you work with water data all using just one sign-in. An account with the USGS WaterAlert application allows you to:

Receive email notifications: get updates on current water conditions based on threshold values you set.

Receive text message notifications: get water data notifications straight to your phone using the latest SMS short code standards.

Easily pause and restart notifications: Leaving for vacation? Pause your notifications at a touch of a button; turn them back on when you return.

Easily create and remove notifications: Sometimes it is hard to get just the right threshold values for your alert notifications. With an account, making, modifying, and removing alerts so that they meet your exact needs is a snap.

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